How To Monetize Your Blog With Link Shortener)

Hi guys we are here again with another post telling you guys on how to monetize your blog with link shortener)...Recomended: About Link Shortener)

Read this tutorial carefully to understand without complains now lets get started... is a website that shortens long urls for money now i know some of u will be surprised about this little post of mine thinking that is just a ordinary link shortener. No, you can monetize your blog with with the following procedures.

Login to your profile on for new user click here to register: Register Here

once you are done registering, select the options tab on the left-upper side of your screen an select web script or click this link to visit there instantly:

Once you have gotten to the WebScript page you will see the following options
 •pop ads

Lets take this step by step
 scroll down to link section turn it on then a script will appear that can change your links to short ones then two dialog box will appear the first one is Domain selection type, if you don't want your visitors to get heritated with constant ads on your site you will select
Below this you find a dialog box called Domain list, here is where you will input your site you can seprate with comma once a site is inputted.
If any one click on the web name you monetize then, an ads will show up on the link
If you want to monetize only one particular domain you can use this option

On page entrance users will see ads that can be skipped immediately after 5 seconds

This works when a visitors us about to exit your web by clicking the back button a pop up ads will also apper that can be skipped immediately after 5 seconds

 •Pop Ads
This enables to show popup ads on your site

Once done click on generate script and copy script

To paste it on your blog
edit your themes scroll down to the end script of your blog then paste the code above </body> tag and save it..

Thank you for reading
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