Top 5 Ways To Earn Money With Or Without A Blog

Hi guys we're here again with another post. And sorry Guys for not posting lately but now am here with a new post telling you guys how to earn money with or without a blog now lets get started.

1. is a way to make money online just by shortening links without a know more about this click this link: Earn money by shortening links

2. Fiverr
Fiverr is a website where you can buy and sell any thing just for $5 things like logo designing, techs, graphics and website headers to theme to the keyword research. Create a gig you you know you are interested in and start selling your gigs on fiverr. With this way you can earn without a blog. 

3. Writing for other bloggers
You can make money just for writing for other bloggers and marketers. There are lots of marketers and bloggers who are willing to invest money to publish content on their blog by paying qualified writer to write for them.
All you need is a good writing skill in English and great knowledge about the industry you are in. To make decent income every week/month/per-post

4. Make money on twitter
You guys would be a little bit surprised that "how would i be able to make money on twitter" its easy and simple just read the post carefully.
Twitpub this makes you earn money as you tweet on twitter and twitpub automates access to your private twitter account or even direct messages for all your subscription. You can control all your settings from your dashboard. All you need is to sign up into twitpub for free and authorise your user profile on twitter to automate your tweet

5. Posting of ads
80-90% of bloggers knows about this..this is also part of a way to make money online from a blog all you need is to register to a ads site and start earning cash👍

My name is Farotide David i am hoping that this trick helped you to gain money with or without a blog please kindly share and comment...and don't forget to subscribe to our blog to receive notifications of our latest updates.. Pace out.

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