Best Way To Monetize Your Blog With Shortest(Url Link Shortener)

Hi guys, We are here again with one of shortest post.. In my previous post i talked about monetizing your post.. Recommended: How To Monetize Your Blog With Shortest
...but make sure you read about first, click here About Shortest ... Let's go straight to the point..

For those who read my blog post about monetization with shortest ...did you know the best way??

For those who doesn't know the best way to monetize your blog, this is a way that will generate huge income per day, with those with huge traffics, for those who post for a week and you have about 10,000 visitors per day which will give you $1 and 10,000 multiply by 7days = 70,000 visitors per week which grants you $7 .. To learn this just follow our insitcs and read fully to understand it all

Now to monetize your blog for the best way, once you login to your shortest profile you will then switch to website scripts tool... where you will see these option
     •pop ads

To set it up turn off the links option
Then turn on the other 3 options
Which is
     •pop ads
And click Generate Code.
copy it.
Once you are done with that, switch to your blog » themes » edit themes and paste the code above </body> tag.. Once it's done, you have now successfully monetize your blog if u stay stick to this expecially with those that have huge traffics and monetize 2 - 3 blogs and generating more than $14 per week.

My name is Farotide David i hope i filled you guys enough fully monetize your blog ... Please leave a comment for further improvement peace out. THANKS

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