How To Register To Google AdSence On Your Android Device(Without Pc)

Hi guys we are here again with another post teaching you guys on how to register to Google AdSense using your android device.

Some people find it difficult to register to Google AdSense because it supports desktop browser only but now in this post I will be teaching you on how to register to it on android it's Simple•Fast• and Easy. Let's get started

Step 1» Download And Install:
Now before you start download an app called Puffin Browser: click here to download and install it to your android device make sure you have an active data to make your browsing go smoothly.

Step 2» Registration Process:
Once you are done installing the App so visit AdSense site for registration you can get it through your blogger Dashboard » Earnings  or you can click here for instant registration Google Adsence Registration , then you click on the 3dots at the upper right side of your screen and select REEQUEST DESKTOP SITE so the page reloads once it's complete you will then click on SIGN IN to input your Google profile, once you are done signing in a page will pop up telling you to input your site URL or it might have been automatically fixed there so just click on SAVE AND CONTINUE .. At this point on a normal browser the browser will then stop/freeze at this point, but if you are on puffin browser it loads instantly so it will take you to a form to fill in your information once you are done filling it then your registration is complete.
You can also watch the registration process for AdSense registration for YouTube:

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