List Of Android Phone Companies You Should Try.

Hi guys, in my previous post i showed you guys my blog review which will soon be getting update soon.
Now many of us who values android phones than any other phones here in Nigeria or any other country you are in. Let me ask u a question?
Did u know any new, cheap and valuable android phone company?
If your answer is No
Now today i will be listing out some cheap and valuable android device which can be gotten from Nigeria and other countries with great specifications, affordable price with 1year Guarantee or Warranty .
Although some of us buys android phones with cool specs and guarantee or warranty but the prices are too much to afford, phones like
1. Samsung
2. Google Nexus
3. Tecno
4. Huawei
5. Infinix
6. Itel

Which has a long lasting battery life and cool camera to use, these ones that am about to mention also has cool cams and battery but their price is not too higher than the one mentioned above, because they just started creating theirs in which some of us are familiar with it and some are not, both the China, java and android type. So these are the list of phones i could advice you guys should try(well known-known)
1. Injoo
2. Fero
3. Malata
4. G-TiDE
5. M-SUP
This are the list in which i will be uploading specifications of some of it later, just stick to our blog. Invite your friends comment your suggestions and be fans of expresswap

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