Adrenalin And its Triple F

Hello, People.
I'm glad I was given the opportunity to write this for you guys, I hope you enjoy it.
I would describe the feeling of being scared and ready to flee as the best feeling in the  world. Cause at that moment, you've got heightened mental and physical abilities which can help you get yourself outta whatever mess you put yourself in.

Adrenalin is the hormone produced in the body directly into the bloodstream when you are excited, angry, or frightened. This would increase your heart rate, your energy and ability to move faster. When Adrenalin flows through the body, reflexes, muscles, and ability to feel less pain or even. pain at all is greatly improved.
 Adrenalin is the hormone produced by the Endocrine gland in the human body through the Adrenal Medulla. From my own prospective, I would presume Adrenalin helps in stimulating three modes in the human body. Let's call these modes the Triple F; Fright Mode, Fight Mode, and Flight Mode.

 Fright Mode
The Fright mode is the first mode activated by the Adrenalin in the human body. In the Fright mode, the rate of sweating and heartbeat is increased. The pupils dilate and blood supply to the muscles increase. It brings about fear in the human body body and mind. Although it is involuntary, it still overlaps the other two modes stimulated by the Adrenalin hormone.

 Fight Mode
Selection of the mode is highly voluntary. It involves the will power of putting into action, the improved abilities made by the Adrenalin. Getting physical with whatever threat beholds you requires the Fight mode, and a little wisdom though. It's not everyday one gets to choose the Fight mode when dealing with something practically not human, and still gets a second chance for a coffee break. When the human body sees the Fight mode as useless, it triggers the Flight mode.

 Flight Mode

When there's no other option but to run from whatever is on us, our body switches to the Flight mode. The Flight mode involves fleet, nothing else matters.
Most times when we use up the Adrenalin streaming in our blood by engaging ourselves in a few hectic activities, we come to experience the effects. For instance, we sometimes feel the pain we couldn't feel back when we had the Adrenalin in our bloodstream.
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