Beginners Guide: How To Change, Backup, and Apply New Theme On Your Blogger Blog

Some of my blogger friends just starting from scratch just like me looking for a way to Apply Third-party theme, change to cooler theme, and backing up their theme.
Don't worry I will lead you through the theme process now let get started.

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To the beginners reading this trying to create a blog kindly read the above post well and scroll back here. 

For those who successfully created a blog or own a blog and trying to change their theme to a third-party type here are some cool tips.

Backing up your Theme

This is the first step to do when you are about to switch to a third-party theme, This option enables you to backup your previous theme to make it possible and easier to correct any error provided by the new theme you just applied.

Before applying new theme to your blog I'd advise you to Backup your theme to your phone SD card or PC hard drive, through this process it let you download the current theme you are using before applying new one.

To Backup

Visit your Blogger Dashboard»Theme and at the Top-right you will see IMPORT/BACKUP kindly click it and select the DOWNLOAD option to successfully Download/Backup your Blog Theme.

Changing Your Theme

After you are through with backing up your theme to change it to anyone of your choice kindly select the Theme option in your blogger Dashboard and select any theme of your choice there and apply to your blog.

Applying A Theme

Applying a Theme yeah don't be surprised because the title is related to the one above it's just that this one deals with applying a third-party theme.
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yeah the word Third-party Means using of External Theme/Properties for your Blog, Phone e.t.c just like using External SD card for your phone.
For u to apply a third-party theme to your blog, kindly download any cool theme of your choice, these files are always in zip format. You can extract it using any zip extractor using Desktop or Mobile Device, and locate a file that ends with ".xml" you can separate it if u want. Then visit your blogger Dashboard»Theme, at the Top-right section you will see a tab named IMPORT/BACKUP then click it, locate the .xml file and import it to your blog then click APPLY.

NOTE: If the theme applied is causing error to your blog homepage or layout, kindly upload the theme you backup to make it reset back to normal

And for your to re-set your blogger theme layout kindly contact me and I will do it at affordable price
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