Facebook New Update With Cool Features For Android v4.0 And Above

Are you tired of the older version of facebook on your android device?, if yes I would this post will help you on how to install the latest version of it.

some of u that are having problem downloading the latest version of facebook app into your android device because of the android version, which most of us knows that all the latest version of facebook can be used on a Android phone with version 5.1(lollipop) and above, and app with this doesn't work on android version of 4.4.2(kitkat) and below, so here is my question again Did You Know That The New Facebook Update Can Be Installed On Android Version of 4.4+(kitkat) and Above? , if NO kindly scroll down to continue reading.

New Update To Facebook App

Yeah most of us are a little bit surprised because of the new update to the facebook app which supports the android version of 4.4+ with some cool and new features most of us didn't expect, which works easily and easy to control I'd guess lolzx

Features Of New Facebook Update

• New design for the News feed menu
• supports android 4.0 and above
• allows you to post your status on images
• supports connectivity of whatsapp just like instagram was connected to facebook.
• with smooth and neat scrolling.

Are u eager to download the app click here Facebook.apk and start flexing the new Facebook update,or search on play store but I am 80% sure u can't update it through play store I'd advise u to download it from a third-party site.

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