How To Clone/Duplicate Android Apps | Tips and Tricks 2017

welcome fans now if I may ask. Do u wish to control two whatsapp accounts at once? or play games with different profile?. Don't worry it's easy all you have to do is to follow our guidelines on the easy step to take to duplicate your android apps with your android device. Now let's get started

How To Clone/Duplicate Your Android Apps 

In this video am gonna show you the simple step to clone android apps or duplicate into two using your android device, which personally let you to create a complete duplicate of an app with the android data. 

I'd advise you to watch above video to understand well
So if you are willing to know this in your way and duplicate your app to control 2accounts or play 2games with different profile don't worry it's easy, for u to do this here are some steps

Before you can do this you have to get an Android device with Operating System of v4.0 and above with Android play store(Google Play Store) installed in it, so open your Google Play Store app, before you do this make sure to have an active gmail account
So once you are done with that search on the name Parallel Space.

Parallel Space 

This is a app created by JXN Tech which let you duplicate your app into 2 and let you manage the account separately.

So If you are done downloading the app, open it and it brings you to a tab that displays your installed apps, so click on any of your choice and click ADD TO PARALLEL SPACE to clone the app. It's just as easy as that

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