[How-To]Download YouTube Videos #1 Method

How-ToDownload YouTube VideosFor Free by Farotide David Hello YouTube fans who are always watching YouTube videos online which deducts their megabytes faster than they could expect, as for me I prefer watching YouTube videos offline because.
• It's okay
• I download at a simpler rate of megabyte
• it also has a cool and clear video
That's the reason why I like watching YouTube videos offline, are u with me? If YES follow the given steps to know how to download YouTube videos.


if you are on the video you are about to watch/download on any browser don't use normal YouTube app use any browser like
• Opera/Opera Mini
• UC Browser
• Google Chrome etc
so kindly click your browser address bar and you will see a URL like this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SWWBVhACvMw
so in the center of m.y in the URL above kindly add ss in front of youtube just like this

https://m.ssyoutube.com/watch?v=SWWBVhACvMw and select GO option. So it will redirect you to a website showing you the thumbnail of the video and some video quality.

So select any one of your choice to download and start watching offline YouTube videos. Scroll down to view video qualitys for your platform.

Mp4 1080(high quality)
Mp4 720(high quality)
Mp4 460(medium quality)
Mp4 360(medium quality)
3gp 240(low quality)
3gp 114(low quality)

Mp4 720(high quality)
Mp4 460(high quality)
Mp4 360(high quality)
3gp 240(medium quality)
3gp 114(low quality)

Mp4 460(high quality)
Mp4 360(high quality)
3gp 240(high quality)

3gp 240 (high quality)
3gp 114(low quality)

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