[How-To]Download YouTube Videos #2 Method

Hello YouTube fans who are always watching YouTube videos online which deducts their megabytes faster than they could expect, as for me I prefer watching YouTube videos offline because.
• It's okay
• I download at a simpler rate of megabyte
• it also has a cool and clear video
That's the reason why I like watching YouTube videos offline, are u with me? If YES follow the given steps to know how to download YouTube videos.


To download YouTube videos just follow this simple steps
• Download and Install an app called snaptube.apk once the installation is done.
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• click on the YouTube picture located at the Top-left corner of your android phone screen.
• it takes about 10s-30s for it to load up if it's done kindly click on the search icon on YouTube to search for any video of your choice
• if you finally find one kindly click on it.

To Enable The Download 

Kindly click the Arrow_Down logo that appears at the Bottom_Right of your phone screen and select any video quality of your choice, for download to get started.

Are You Confused On Best Video Quality For Your Phone / PC Platforms Here Are Some List

PC / Mac
Mp4 1080(high quality)
Mp4 720(high quality)
Mp4 460(medium quality)
Mp4 360(medium quality)
3gp 240(low quality)
3gp 114(low quality)

Android / IPhone /IOS / Windows
Mp4 720(high quality)
Mp4 460(high quality)
Mp4 360(high quality)
3gp 240(medium quality)
3gp 114(low quality)

Mp4 460(high quality)
Mp4 360(high quality)
3gp 240(high quality)
3gp 114(low quality)

3gp 240 (high quality)
3gp 114(low quality)

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