[How-To]Get AdSence Approval In Just 2 Days

Hi guys welcome to daviesblog, now today I will be telling/teaching you the tips I followed to get AdSence approval in just 2 days.

Some people finds it difficult to get AdSence approval because they didn't follow AdSence policies and some of who follows it get disapproved while some get approved, those who got disapproved are still wondering why??
Well to my own opinion I'd suggest you check your theme layout, or replace it with another theme.

I would also like you to know that it's not only through AdSence you can make tons of money, there are other ad networks that drives in money if you have high traffic rate.

List Of Some Ad Networks You Should Try

• Popads
• Propeller ads
Which donates $2-$5 daily income.

Sorry I won't be telling this finish because that's not the topic of this post. Now let's go straight to the point.

Tips To Get AdSence Approval In Just 2 Days

To get AdSence approval just read this below tips carefully
1. Creating Pages: to get AdSence approval you need to create some pages like
     • About us: when creating this about us page make sure the name you are using to apply for AdSence is mentioned in this page to let them know that they are dealing with real person not a bot. Click here to view our About page
     • Contact us: it's simple you just have to fill in this page on how your fans will contact you, either by mail, phone number or social media. Click here to view our Contact page
     • Privacy Policy: This page is actually not compulsory because without this page I got AdSence approval successfully, this page will just state in the rules of your blog in which your visitors will read and abide to it.

2. Creating A Personal Article: you can also get approved by creating/formatting/editing and modifying formulated article of urs, I will not advise you to copy articles from other blog because you might probably get disapproved, and make sure your articles are up to 200-500 words before publishing.

3. Low monetization: This means when you are about to apply for AdSence you should not have more than 2-3 ad networks displaying on your blog/website so as not to let your blog/website get heritated to AdSence.

4. Cool Themes: you can also get approved by using/downloading a third-party theme from other website for cooler scrolling and we'll setup layout

Recomended: Top 3 Website To Download Cool Theme For Your Blogger Blog

5. Editing Some Basic Settings In Your Blog: what I meant by this is by just editing your blog description and metatags. Which you could find In your blogger settings.

6. Avoid using third-party images: like downloading images from Google you can also get disapproved if u download images from Google I'd advise you to create your article images your self through PC or any other image editting apps on android.

Sorry for this short tips of mine, If u stay updated with this post, follow the tips and read carefully you canprobably get AdSence approval in just 2days.

Word Of Encouragement
If you are probably getting HATE mails from AdSense(Disapproval mail) I'd advise you not to give up try harder to make sure you get a love message from no-reply adsence that you have been approved successfully.

Please kindly comment, and share this post to any social media you are in. See you tomorrow.


  1. It's pretty cool, bro
    The only problem that's sticking to some bloggers is just laziness.
    It's a great factor

  2. Yes that's just the main problem, anayways thanks for the comment and always visit our blog to get more cool updates. Don't forget to invite your friends also

  3. Yes that's just the main problem, anayways thanks for the comment and always visit our blog to get more cool updates. Don't forget to invite your friends also

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