Well our world of technology is advancing daily to the extent where people with android device no longer need a PC to do certain things, just with enough battery percentage and with the right apps on their android and voila they are done.

As technology is improving there are certain things we tend to miss especially as mobile phones are becoming rampant, who remembered the Nokia 3310, C2, X2 and other smaller versions, well I do because back then I was a genius with those phone well also a genius now. Back to our topic you'd agree with me that getting to know your android device ain't a bad idea and also performing simple tricks and simple hacks with it is just awesome right? If so read on.


Connect Your Android To Your PC Media via WiFi.

Most people using android has always been lamenting on storage space, and everyone loves to listen to music or watch videos but having an android with low memory space becomes a barrier to this, but no to worry there is an app called Gmote simply download and install the gmote app on your phone, then download the gmote server on your PC and voila your done just connect via WiFi by using for the gmote app to search for the server.

Block Ads From Showing On Your Android.

Hey you know that its very annoying for ads to be showing while your using an app from personal experience i hate it in MX player but to stop this you have to root your phone then go to play store to download Adfree App.

Improve The Sound Quality Of Your Android Device.

You'd agree with me that most android sound quality are terrible and some are a bit good but not to worry, with this app Sound Equalizer you can now have a better sound quality.

View Desktop Version Of Websites On Your Android.

Sounds easy right? Well its easy for those that don't know about it , always going to a cyber café just to work on the Desktop version of a particular site using chrome browser open the site>>click on the option menu>>click on request desktop site>>reload the page and your done.

View Detailed Battery Analysis Graph.

One thing I take really serious on my phone is my battery this is because I believe that battery maketh a  phone if you don't have good battery your phone is shit . So to check what is draining your battery or how healthy your battery is just open Settings, go to About phone, select Battery Use and tap on the battery


I believe that with this few tricks and hacks your android life would be better henceforth.

Thats all on 5 Best Android tricks and hacks Don't forget to share and drop your comments .

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