Top 5 Online Storage You Should Use 2017

Hi guys welcome to daviesblog, now  today I will be teaching or telling you cool and good online storage services you should use.

Some people keep on wondering the reason why I posted this, well I posted this for some people who needs it, and also who are in need of storage on their external drive or SD card to say.

This online storage services are like online SD cards or hard drives used for saving files mostly, while some can transfer, duplicate and edit files on the same storage server which makes it possible to use, and also let you save files for long time. So here are some list of storage services you should use.

1. Google Drive 
Google Drive is at the heart of the various online services that Google currently offers. You get 15GB of free space when you create a Google account - or link to an existing one. You'll already have a Drive account if you use Gmail, Google Calendar, or even YouTube.
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2. Mediafire
Mediafire might be a new name to many, but the Texan company has been around for nearly ten years, starting off as a file sharing service. You can still share files in much the way that you can on Google Drive, Onedrive, Dropbox and others, and can post pictures, videos, and other files directly to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr,  Google+, or Blogger, from within the Mediafire portal.
The free account comes with 10GB of space, but this can quickly be expanded by various easy tasks. All in all, you can boost the free account up to a very respectable 50GB of space.
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MEGA comes with a lot of baggage, but its approach to encryption and the offer of 50GB of free storage will make it too enticing to pass up for many people. If you’re ready to give it a test run, head to and sign up for a trial.

4. Dropbox
Dropbox is one of the only services to offer clients for Linux and Blackberry, alongside the usual Windows, macOS, Android and iOS standards. There's an official Windows Phone app too.
The free Basic account comes with a paltry 2GB of storage. For documents this is huge, but if you want to store any kind of media – photos, music, or video - it will disappear very fast.
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5. Mozy
Mozy offers a very limited free service with 2GB of space and the chance to get more via referrals. Paid-for packages starting at £4.99 per month.
It's a pretty standard online storage package but allows you to select which folders from your hard disk they wish to store online, syncs automatically (once you download and install the client software), and allows you to access the files from other computers via a web portal or mobile app.
Register to join via: Mozy

NOTE: With this online storage S ever you can use it to generate download links to your website or blog, and also does not let you use a hosting plan to say(for those who understands this). 

Thanks guys my name is #Farotide_David kindly,
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