Games Like GTA For Android

Many of us here loves to play a game named Grand Theft Auto(GTA) which is cool, well set up with some cool weapons and vehicles, and also supports Mission challenge, which is available on these platforms.
• Android
• Apple IPhone/Ipad
• PC
• Xbox 360/PS 3
• Xbox One/PS 4.

With cool controls and different updates on different platforms.

Some folks enjoy playing GTA than any other game because there is no game that felt nothing like GTA, but when they finally completes the mission, they always feel like replaying all over again but it wont be as interesting as first download.

So today i will be listing out some cool games like GTA which is also known as GTA alternatives.

1. Gangstar Vegas

2. Gangstar New Orleans

3. Chicago city police

4. Gangstar Town

5. California straight 2 Compton

With this games you can enjoy with HD graphics with more cooler weapons, vehicles, space ships which is 2017 edition and the updates never stops mostly on Gangstar Vegas and Gangstar New Orleans and other Gangstar #gameloft Games.

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