How To Add Adsense Ads To Blog Post On Third-Party Templates

Some bloggers finds it difficult to add Google advertising ads to their blog because of the theme they are using, most of the theme we blogger of this days use is a Third party theme.
Third party means: Using of downloaded theme or external theme on a blog
Because its well designed with cool colours and more cool setup that's been made On different theme.
But there is a problem, You Cant add Adsense ads in your blog post just like mine.

Many people finds it difficult because the theme setup is different from others most especially theme downloaded from.
Many bloggers searched both on google forums and google ads manager and they got results but keeps on failing on the old fashioned method. But today you came to the Right Place with new method.

Add Google Ads To Blog Post
Now to do this kindly go to your Blogger Dashboard» Theme» Edit HTML» Jump To Widget» Blog1

Scroll down a little bit till you see

Then click on ... To open up some sub coding list and locate </article> section and through there you will see <data:post body/> section both above and below.

So add your adsense code above them.
The first ads placed will be displayed  below the blog title.
The second displays at  the end of a post.
So just save your theme and let your ad to been displayed.

NOTE: Backup your theme at first
• To avoid error do not parse the code, Instead add ='async' just like the image below

• If You are having problem editting on andoid kindly read this.
How To Edit Theme HTML On Android

For Desktop Users

On your keyboard press CTRL + F a search bar will appear, then type </article>. Then follow the given steps

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