How To Automatically Share Blog Post To Social Medias using IFTT

IFTTT website monitoring online service that let you connect one social media to another automatically also known as automatic social media posting. One of the best service I use in IFTT is for sharing my blog posts to social media platforms like Facebook (Pages and Timelines) Twitter and Google Plus without sharing limit.

There are lot of many online service that let you automatically share post to social medias for free but they have sharing limit or adding limit. Which DLVR, is an example of online service that allows sharing of blog post and which has limits, which also allows you to add only 3social medias. 
Sorry won't be talking much on this because it's not the title of this blog post.

Back to IFTT, it let you to share your blog post automatically to social media platforms without you paying a dime or social media sharing and adding limit by now you should know what we benefit from sharing blog post to social medias.
• it increases traffics, audience and improve your bounce rate.
Besides it increase your Adsense earnings depending on clicks

How To Activate IFTT

• Go to, kindly create an account by clicking the "Sign Up" button.

• once you successfully created an account kindly, "Sign In"

You will be taken to your dashboard where you will see many services you can run on IFTT for free

Here you can choose from the applets recommended my iftt. If you can't find what you want kindly use the search button.

• Click search

On the search page, kindly search for what you want.
for instance if you want to share your blog post automatically to facebook, search for Blogger To Facebook

There you will find an Applet that says "Share new blog post to Facebook" click on the Applet to turn it on

Once Turned on, you will be taken to a page to configure your applet, on the configuration page all you need to do is set your message that will show on your Facebook shared post

• Click "Add Ingredients", click "Post Title" and leave the rest alone

Finally click "Save"

You will be prompted to login your Facebook so that IFTT will access your account.

Follow the whole process to finally get the whole method completed

Now IFTT will automatically share your new and published post to your Facebook depending on the Applet you selected. You can also do this for both Twitter and Google Plus but you can't share to Digg and StumbleUpon etc

Beside sharing blog post to social media platforms using IFTT, you can also use it to.

     • Schedule instagram post automatically
     • Share blogger post to FB Business
     • Backup blogger to drive
     • Share Instagram images to Blogger and Facebook
     • Serve as Facebook Auto Poster
     • Add blog post to tumblr as photo and many more

There are many applet on IFTT which you can use for free and checkout ones that works on blogger and many more.

I hope this tool works.

Did u need knew to automatically share blog post to fb group without getting banned kindly subscribe to our mail list and get alerted when it's available to read. Ifttt time trafficking

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