How To Browse Using Desktop Mode On Android

Many of us fancy browsing on a Desktop Computer or Laptop because of it browsing speed and complete view of a particular blog theme and other stuffs like that, and the same reason applies to the tutorial am about to render to you guys today.

Some people think that browsing on Android device using mobile view is stressful and slow, well If I may ask did u know how to browse using desktop view on your android phone?? If NO. Then I would like you to fully read this tutorial and I will guide you on how to do it easily.

Most of the people browse on their Android device using Chrome browser and if they are about to use it desktop view they will do so by just selecting REQUEST DESKTOP SITE in the options tab

 And yet it does not give you a perfect view of the exact thing you wanna check or the result you want it to give out.

Some people use this desktop view to check out
• New Blogger Thems
• Setting Up YouTube channel
• and Easily Edit Blogger Template
Which cannot be done on Android but am gonna teach you how it's done.

All you have to do is to Download and Install an app called Puffin Browser, with this app you can easily edit your blogger templates and browse using desktop mode which loads faster than it looks at an unbeatable speed rate.

After the installation is done open it and it will display some of it features and together it will display this.

Just click on Desktop Mode, don't select Mobile Mode because if you do, the app will start functioning like that of Chrome and Other Browsers.

With this action enabled you can do all desktop stuff online using your android device.

To Switch To Mobile Mode

To do this kindly select the option tab and turn off REQUEST DESKTOP SITE option and you will start flexing your browser in mobile mode

NOTE: after exiting the app your browser automatically switch back to Desktop mode.

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