How To Easily Edit Your Blogger HTML Template On Android *Upadated*

In my previous post where i uploaded the simple way to edit your blogger HTML Theme code on android.

later in the day i received some reports both on Facebook and Whatspp saying.
The app text cursor didn't display at the point where that is been selected.
Yea that's true i encountered this lot of times when am about to edit the theme but, today am gonna show you the simple way to fish out the cursor from where its been placed.

Kindly Download and Install an app called TouchPal Keyboard, this keyboard is an advanced keyboard that has a clipboard and also some cool arrow buttons which you guys will find out soon.

Open the app if installation is done and enable it.
So if you are on your blog template and about to edit it to your taste, yet you clicked the selected type and still not find your cursor, don't worry kindly click on ‹I› you find at the Top_Left of your Keyboard and you will see some arrow buttons with some other options.

So Click on any arrow on your TouchPal Keyboard and it will display out your Cursor at any angle its located. So kindly direct it to any where you wanna edit in your Theme and edit it to your taste

NOTE: Whenever you click on a place you wanna edit in your blogger HTML Template, you might end up finding your cursor in another place of the theme, so you use the arrow keys to direct the cursor to any where u want

2. To take it back to keyboard mode kindly click on the ‹I› button or the arrow button at the Bottom_Right of the Keyboard

3. Before editting your blog template make sure you backup your theme incase of any error

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