How To Get Traffic To Your Website or Blog Through Facebook #2

Good day guys and my fellow bloggers, if i may ask are you having problems getting traffic to your blog? If YES here are some cool tips to get web traffic.

Some of my pals are busy asking me on how to get blog traffic, well to me getting blog traffic isn't that easy because it's stressful, annoying and some other aggressive Reactions. But today am gonna be telling you guys some cool tips i used to boost blog traffic.

This is one of the largest and raining social media in the world, which billions of users use to chat, gain blog traffic and other cool stuffs like that but today i will show u how to get traffic to website through it.
     •Posting on Timeline: This is the number #1 method of gaining blog traffic, some are having problem getting traffic through here because of low friend list,
 To those who doesn't have high friends should tag those with higher friends.
     •Joining Groups:

you can increase web traffic by joining groups related to your blog niche, with huge members, post there whenever you just posted to your blog.
     •Create Pages: you can also gain web traffic through this method, depending on your page likes and active members on it.
     • Facebook Ads

You can also get website traffic by using Facebook ads which is also known as targeted website traffic or buy traffic to increase page views. Reason why its called targeted website traffic is because it let users to select the destination where they want their ads to be displayed. Depending on how many days you want it to display and it requires some money starting from ₦697.99 and upwards.

Thanks guys for reading, i have a new way to get blog traffics in pile but you guys dont know when i will post it,  dont worry its easy, kindly click to subscribe to our mail list anyd you will be mailed whenever our traffic post is been published » Subscribe to DAVIE'S BLOG by Email   kindly Share this post to those who needs it and comment your suggestion on it, i will be glad you did.

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