How To Put Adsense Ads Inside Blog Post *Fixed

In my previous post I made a tutorial on how to put adsense ads on blog post both at the Title section and bottom section, but I made a terrible mistake on that post which I will show you guys on how to re-place the ads.

Putting adsense ads in blog post is not that difficult and it makes stress go down a bit because you won't be posting adsense code in your blog post anymore, which makes it easier  a bit, so let get down to business.

Placing Adsense Ads To Blog Post

To do this go to your Blogger Dashboard» Theme» Edit HTML.

type CTRL+F on your keyboard and input </article> on the search bar

click JUMP TO WIDGET and select BLOG1 then scroll down a little bit till you see POSTS then click ... To open some lists of codes then scroll down to find section </article>

look for </data:post.body> that's a bit above </article> , if u want your Ads should be appearing above your blog post then post Adsense code above </data:post.body>, but if u want it to be appearing below your blog post you have to paste your Adsense code below </data:post.body>.

If you are having async error to fix it read this post» How To Fix Adsense Sync Error Code

If u are done editing kindly save your theme and your Adsense ads will start to display, some of us who have post WordPress tutorial would be out soon.

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