How To Record Your Android Phone Screen

Some dudes , that watches YouTube tutorials made on android keeps on wondering on how they did it, i mean recording their android phone screen.
This is one of the simplest thing i have ever done, which i use to steal phone security patterns and more, so if u wish on learning it then here we go.

-Record Phone Screen-

Before you start this i hope your android phone screen is rooted because if its not its not gonna work, you can also find one which does not requires root but its very difficult finding them.

How To Root Your Android Device

So if your device is been rooted

Step 1: Download and Install an app called SCR pro

Step 2: Open it and a root option will pop up, then click on ALLOW

Step 3: kindly minimize the app, then you will see a floating widget on your phone screen

Step 4: Then click on the SCR app icon and your android phone screen will start recording.

-To Stop Recording-

Kindly Slide down your notification bar and click on the App you find there to stop the recorfing.

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