Why bosses hold his head when something is going wrong within business organizations? What is the reason behind to makes a boss worried? What bosses should need to do to improve the productivity of its company. Mostly the employees are responsible for the rise or downfall of the company but on the other hand, only one person who will suffer significantly.

The modern world is technology dependent; therefore, most of the companies have their own technological devices to perform work accurately and efficiently. Employees sometimes miss using the company’s owned devices such as they use instant messaging applications for chats, gossips with their fellow employees, play online games, text messages and even use websites to listen to music or getting entertainment rather than focusing on their assigned work.

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The question arises, is it possible for bosses to make a check on every single employee in case they are in big numbers. The answer would be very simple yes; they can monitor their employees easily by using the employees monitoring software such as TheOneSpy.

A short Synopsis of Employees spy app:
he employee spy app is truly designed to eradicate the issues a boss may face regarding the productivity of a company. The surveillance app has dozens of tracking features which allow bosses to monitor their employee’s activities within the working hours. They can prevent data breaching attempt, emails based scams, keep an eye on their employee’s conversation within the working hours, and even they can point out particular employees who are not serious in their assigned work.  Let’s take a look on employees spy software features which are following.


Track the exact location of employee:
Company’s which uses vehicles for the supply of their products to their clients, most of the time got complaints because of late delivery. Employers can track the location of their vehicles, by installing the employee monitoring software on their employee’s cell phone devices. Then they can track the exact GPS location, view current GPS location, location history, and weekly location history and can mark safe and prohibited areas for their employees.
Read Emails:
Employees who deal with the emails within business organizations, they may get trapped through malicious emails. It can wipe out company’s confidential data by clicking on a single link. Employers can view all the incoming emails through reading emails feature of the employees tracking app.
Record Live Calls:
Customer care department is the most influential platform for the productivity of the company. If the customer care employees do their job honestly, then no doubt the business will flourish rapidly, on the other hand, if they do the opposite, then there will be the huge setback for the company. Employers need to record live calls and call history to indicate their employees that their calls are recorded by the bosses.
Get Screen Shots:

Employers can examine the exact situation of their employees work through by getting screenshots. If the bosses have less time to view all the activities of their employees on company’s owned devices. Then they need to get screen shots directly through view multimedia files of employee tracking app.
Remotely Control Company’s owned Devices:
Employers can remotely control the company’s owned devices remotely through remotely phone controller. They can view all installed apps, they can block the internet in case someone is accessing which he/she don’t have authorization for, and they can block incoming calls and messages.
View Browsing History:
If employees entertaining websites rather than doing work, then employers can view all visited websites and bookmarked websites.
View Keystrokes Applied on the device:
Weak passwords on emails can harm the business of an employer. Therefore to make a check on emails and other passwords, employers can use keylogger of the employee surveillance app. It allows users to view password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and even email keystrokes. The tracking also facilitates the employers for data backup.
The employee monitoring software is the ultimate tool for employers to track employee’s activities. It will really help them out to increase the productivity of the company no time ever before.

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