MTN: How To Stream Videos Online For Hours On YouTube

Some people finds it difficult to watch online videos on any video websites or any video sharing sites due to high data consumption. Now today am gonna show you a simple way to stream YouTube videos Online for an Hour or more using your MTN sim.

YouTube is a video website used for uploading videos from different country to a single platform which is a widely range website all over the world, which also supports live videos from different channels like YouTube live TV channels and many more which can be found on YouTube platform.

So today i will be teaching you one of cool MTN tips which can be used to stream YouTube videos online for free.

How To Activate YouTube Streaming MTN

For You to subscribe to the STREAMING plan you would need an active MTN sim with at least #150 or #400 depending on the streaming hours you want.
To subscribe kindly text  VP1 to 131 which last for at least 1hour at the rate of #150, and VP3 to 131 which last for 3hours at the rate of #400.
If your request is successful you should Receive a confirmation SMS, after that turn on your data and start watching YouTube videos online.

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