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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Can Humans Multi-task?

At some point in our lives, some of us must have asked this question. Playing chess, drinking a soda, reading a science novel, typing a few texts for your friend, and even listening to music all together can be said to be multi-tasking. Most of us consider multi-tasking to be just like this, but in making such a challenging five-in-one action a reality, we really need to understand a few things. When a human multi-tasks, things could always get complicated with the tasks, leading to the loss of the ability to focus. And we all know how tragic things could get when focus is lost. Some people find it difficult to perform two tasks at the same time, but in some cases, some people find it quite easier than running on a treadmill. Breathing, seeing, digesting food, storage of food, heart rate, circulation of blood, and even hearing are all controlled by just one organ, the Brain. This is a form of multi-tasking, but one thing stays. They are involuntary actions. We can't control them or how they work at our own will. For a human being to multi-task(as regards voluntary actions), they would require a great level of focus. Doing one thing and then moving to another will only let your brain switch focus, which sometimes lead to jeopardizing both works if care isn't taken. Multi-tasking in humans, requires a great level of specialization. This keeps the brain conscious of what it has to do even when attention is diverted. The brain is a powerful tool for humans. As some people would assume, if a human created a computer which can multi-task, then so should we. But this is a different scenario which some people find it difficult to understand. Sometimes, multi-tasking can only make the brain lose its ability to focus. Stay tuned for more on Multi-tasking.
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