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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Can Sound Waves Ever Die Out?

Do sound waves ever die out?
You clap, you speak, you sing, what happens?
The same thing happens. Sound is obviously emitted .
The sound travels in form of waves which move at a speed of 343m/s. And these waves are known as sound waves. Some sounds are so loud that their waves travel through cities with respect to a great speed.
 But as these sound waves travel, do they ever die  out?
Short answer: yes, sound waves die out.
And this is quite simple, sound waves travel in air like ripples in a water pond. Try dropping an object in one, you will notice the ripples move from the point of impact to the end point of the pond. Sometimes disappearing before getting there, depending on how large the pond is.
Sound waves move in the air in this format, collectively getting fainter and fainter as it moves further away from its source before disappearing. In other words, die out.
 stay tuned...