Top 3 App Designers Every Graphic Designer Should Install On Android

Many of we android users and mostly graphics designers, which are looking for best photo editting design app which might be useful to them, and they end up not seeing good result, most especially the graphics designers because they will be thinking that they cant edit video with out them using a desktop computer, but today am gonna prove it all wrong
So by doing this i will be introducing you guys to some best graphic design app which is cool and let you create more dope and epic designs, which i also show you proof of what i did using this app.
Now let get going

Top Apps For GFX Designing On Android

1. PS Touch

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This is a graphic creator app generally made for all android users created by Adobe, thanks to them which makes it possible for us to be able to create and edit images/banners/blog favicon e.t.c


Those above images are created with this graphic software, it is the #1 top ranking app used for gfx designing

How To Install

For you to install it kindly watch the above video, For full explanation.


Q: How Do I Get More Tutorial On This App?
A: To get more tutorial kindly visit our YouTube Channel to get more tutorial on how to use it

Q: I couldn't find the app there?
A: Kindly comment your device Android Version, and Inch of your device, then you will be contacted

2. Autodesk Sketchpro

Image result for autodesk sketchbook

This is the 2nd ranking graphic design software which is used for other stuff apart from gfx epic designing, but it's mostly used for creating cartoons.


The above image was made through this app which makes it possible for you to cartoon your images and let them look cartoonized

3. Facetune

Image result for facetune

I cant say this app is #3 ranking program design app but i'd guess its also a cool app which is global(useful for both Boys and Girls) which makes it possible to edit your images by editting your image just by adding.
• Effects
• Lightenings and many more


The above images were editted through this graphic maker app, why not install them and start editting.

I'd guess with this app you could become a successful gfx design.

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