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Monday, 6 November 2017

What Protects US From The Dangers Of Space

Earth is a good place to live in, it's a good place for a start. Oh, it seems to be the only habitable ball of a rock that supports life, you know. For billions of years, life has been on the surface of this blue planet without completely going into extinction, moving from one stage of evolution to another without stopping. Good and breathable gases with unchanging cycles occupy the Earth without affecting it. All these combined are quite a cause for being thankful to nature, but some still wonder how we have survived this long without being wiped out by the radiation and deadly forces from space and our star, the Sun. Space is a dangerous and unsafe region in which lethal radiation and cosmic radiation are common, also with asteroids which are an ever-present danger. Yet one thing stays, Earth gets through all these without breaking a sweat. And how is this possible? Simple, Earth possesses a shield, literarily fighting back these dangers when they get too close to it. This shield is known as Earth's Magnetic Field. The Earth's magnetic field is caused by a spinning ball of molten iron. The Earth's Magnetic field stretches out far into space, protecting us from the full intensity of cosmic radiation and lethal radiation. The Earth's Magnetic field serves as a sole protector to the Earth's atmospheric region and also to its inhabitants, usually by burning up solids like meteors even before they land, and also dissolving gases which try to penetrate. Also, Solar wind which is a steady stream of energetic particles;solar flares, which in minutes release as much energy as billions of hydrogen bombs ;and explosions in the outer region, or Corona, of the sun, which blast billions of tons of matter into space. Signs of all these processes include the Aurora Boralis which we see in the sky as coloured streams of light during sunset or sunrise. Stay tuned for more.

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