Advanced Tips To Make Your Blogger Blog Load More Faster

As explained earlier on my previous Tips Post, there I explained a few steps and tips to be taken to let your blogger blog load fast. But today I will be giving you guys some ways to let your blog load more faster as expected. Now let get going

Using Of JavaScript Code
This is one of a way I use to increase my blog speed, just by using a JavaScript code, to view steps to on how to apply it click here» How To Let Your Blog Load Faster Using Javascript Code

Deleting Of Useless Code
Many of we bloggers does this, we delete useless code just to make our blog load faster and more reliable just because to entice our readers, let Google to index our post and at the same time to increase Ad Revenues. Which makes us more happier than it looks especially when they ate at a good traffic state.

Using CloudFlare
Many of us knows this trick though, this step is easier but most of us don't know this trick, it works well as well as others do and it's more fascinating, most of we bloggers that can't edit their HTML, due to the mobile device they are using should try this method, read Full CloudFlare Post here» How To Let Your Blog Load Faster Using CloudFlare

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