Top 3 Premium VPN Used Globally

So many android users are familiar with the app VPN which is used for accessing restricted Websites, Apps, Games, YouTube Videos etc.
What I really mean by the word restricted.
There are some situations in which you will like to visit a web and you found out that your country is been restricted from accessing the web, and this does not apply for Websites only same does for some Apps, Games and many more like that. But have u ever thought on how you could bypass this restrictions without stress, yes don't worry you came to the right place.

There is one way for you to bypass all restriction stricked for you which you might likely consider by usage of VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A virtual private network extends a private network across a public network, and enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.

Benefits Of A VPN

  • Unblock websites
  • Enjoy private web browsing
  • Get enhanced Wi-Fi security
  • Help protect your bank info, passwords & downloads from snoopers

VPN Overview

VPN Technology  enables you to send encrypted data over previously unencrypted networks. Besides providing you with private and secure Web browsing, VPNs such as Hotspot Shield VPN provide many other important benefits. Compared to a web proxy, VPN also offers much better security and privacy online.

After a full definition of what a VPN means, the next question id likely ask my self is which of the bonfire is the best to use yeah most of us I'd guess not only me are globally searching for the best VPN to use to avoid being caught up by the site restriction, so today I will be listing out a cool and we'll secured VPN that's been used globally to avoid restrictions and incompatible apps and games on play store, so let get going.

List Of Secured Premium VPN Used Globally 

1. Hotspot Shield Elite
Hotspot Shield VPN is the most trusted VPN in the world with over 500 million downloads which provides premium privacy, security, and access to blocked content. It is available for Mac, Windows, iPhone/iPad & Android devices.

2. Express VPN

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a secure tunnel between two or more devices. VPNs are used to protect private web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship.ExpressVPN can also act as a proxy, allowing you to surf the web anonymously from wherever you want.

3. Zenmate
Zenmate is also used to secure your data and access restricted web which is created by Google.

All this apps are available for download on Android devices which am not sure maybe for iPhone or iOS users.


  1. Thanks for spreading the word about VPNs. While we do hope VPN use will become more mainstream, and have certainly seen a rise in popularity on the heels of the Apple/FBI case, it's always helpful to spread the word about the security benefits a virtual private network can provide. Many everyday Internet users are not aware that services like ours exist, or why you would even need them.

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