How To Enable Split Screen On Your Android Device

So many of us are wondering on what split screen is, how it works, what is it used for, and what android version supports it.  Don't worry you have come to the right place now let get going.

Android Split-Screen

Split screen is also part of your android device but not most of it, split screen allows you to run two android apps together at the same time and also makes it easier for you to chat on two social media at once or browse on different browsers depending on which browser supports it.

How To Activate 

For you to activate your split screen once you are in an app kindly hold on to the APP DRAWER button for over 5seconds and you will find your screen divided into two.

Does It Work For My Device 

Not Really? 
It doesn't work on most device because of their android version, the split screen option function on only Android version of v5 and v7 and also enjoyable on android screen of 5inch and above.

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