About us

About us
Davies Blog is a website designed for upbringing of people in order to manage and  develop their blog by posting of tutorials and technology with other post for major encouragement

Our History
Davies Blog was extablished in at the month of April in year 2017. And Expresswap brings about high quality content with latest post and trending updates of techonlogies e.t.c

About me
My Name is Farotide David(Fadavis)
But my friend does call me Fadavis .... I created this website just to let those under blogger become a professional blogger(althoug i am an under blogger but almost in turn to a real blogger)I am kind honest and straight forward and i hate fake peoples that does call them self a scammer.

Word of encouragement
Those of you with a blog..and you are tired of blogging and wishes to sell it...please don't give up on your blog thinking because you have no much traffics/visitors and you are not gaining much on your adsence account., please always follow us on our post and it will align you on how to manage your blog.
well i'd guess i have tried my best to fill u guys up with this little post of mine kindly invite your friends to Davies blog to receive more updates THANKS

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